Vehitel previously owned cars VehiTel

Datas confidentialty

Sellers, Vehitel insure the security of your datas since 1997
Vehitel will never comunicate your personal datas without your will. As you erase your ad, all your personal datas are erased from our database. Moreover, at any time, you can modify your datas through your personal login and password.
VehiTel, confidentialty pioneer
Since 1997, VehiTel allows you to hide your personnal datas needed while registering an ad.
French State Law's shield
As a french compagny, Vehitel insure to its user all rights defined by the french law (one of the most protective of the world).
Law 78-17 of the 6th of january of 1978 "Computers and Freedom" ("Informatique et LibertÚs").

VehiTel's insciption number by Computers and Freedom National Agency (CNIL): 543622
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